The Sexy Stuff


The Sexy Stuff

Hey Athletes!

With CrossFit offering endless opportunities to learn and grow, we were excited to offer Guided Open Gym as a place to refine some sought after skills. Now, starting in March, we’re going to move away from Guided Open Gym and towards individual skill sessions.

Why the individual approach?
When it comes to developing a skill, the one-on-one environment can be more potent than class. A class is great for scratching the surface on skills like handstand push-ups, pull-up, double unders, or clean and jerks; however, it does not allow us the time to drill down into more individual-specific needs. We have the time to drill down though, that’s where the magic happens!

How Do You Sign Up?
If there is a skill you have been dying to have, now is the time to take action towards mastering it! Follow this link to schedule your 30 minutes skills session with a coach, one-on-one. For the best value, sign-up for a skills package! That option will get you one free skill session.