WODIFY Rise Nutrition Challenge Comes To A Close


WODIFY Rise Nutrition Challenge Comes To A Close

The start of 2018 kicked off an awesome 6-Week Nutrition Challenge for Alpine through WODIFY Rise. Rise was designed not only to help keep athletes accountable to making responsible food choices such as quality, amounts, and variety, but it also provided a streamline between coach & athlete with regards to accountability and communication. The majority of our participating athletes took the utilities Rise provided and the communication with their fellow nutrition optimizers & coaches and ran with it in full stride!

With the help of Enhanced Movements & their InBody Body Fat Scan, our athletes had some pretty incredible metrics change including drops in body-fat percentage and increases in lean muscle tissue & skeletal muscle tissue. All that from just 6 weeks of work? It was awesome to witness!

One of the supporting pieces to WODIFY Rise is that it creates a challenge format to help fuel those competitive tendencies our athletes have in their workouts, toward doing the best they can at optimizing nutrition. In that, we had 3 athletes edge out their competitors for the top 3 spots in the challenge. These 3 showed amazing consistency with logging their food, eating quality sources in the right amounts, and balancing their optimal nutrition with consistent training.

First Place: Nikki Arnush

Second Place: Tonya Sugar

Third Place: Allison Durgin

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the challenge! You’ve added so many resources to your journey of optimizing nutrition. Keep an eye out for our next WODIFY Rise nutrition challenge in April 2018!