We have an exciting announcement to make that is going to be a big change here at Alpine. We are finally going digital with everything and doing away with the dry erase whiteboards and replacing it with a really cool system called Wodify. You will start to see the installation this week and we are planning on having this up and running ready for you to use by Friday May 6th.

Please know that we are doing this for you!  This will be a great system for improving your fitness!

How it will work, you will see two large monitors at the front of the room where one will have the warm-up/strength/conditioning to be displayed. Yes its large enough to see from even the back of the room! The other screen will be where you check in, and also be able to record your score for the day. Here you will also have access to any videos, YouTube, CrossFit Games, etc etc etc for your fitness education.–First, you signup online for your class, you can do that daily or if you know all the days you will be working out then sign up for them a week at a time from your home computer or app on your phone. That will also help us see who is coming and how many times they’re coming in etc.–Once you get to the gym, 1) go to the login screen and check-in, then 2) go do your Crossover Symmetry then 3) begin class as we always have.–At the end of class, (this is the cool part) instead of writing your score on the board, enter your scores on the screen & system and its saved to your profile account.

–Personalize your Account. put up a cool profile pic. Keep track of all your scores online. When you drop-in at another gym that has Wodify you can login and record your score also!

–We are also working on seamlessly transferring all of your payment info to this new system. We are in the process right now of doing this. We will keep you informed if we need to get that info once again from you or not. Stay tuned.

–We do want to give you all some time to record all of your previous scores from the PR board and also the online Whiteboard that will be going away. We will keep them both up for another month or so to give you time, but at the end of May they are going away and you can get them all entered into your new Wodify Profile.

You are welcome to reach out to Coach Mike or Robby for any questions you have.  Please know that we are both working tirelessly to make sure that Wodify is a streamlined and successful transition for you and all of your fitness needs.

Thank you for being a part of ACF and we hope you are looking forward to this!!