Whoo hoo Wednesday 8-8-2012


Whoo hoo Wednesday 8-8-2012

7 RFT:
6 Deadlift 275/185
12 Ball slam 40/30
First Time Rope climbs in a WOD last night!! Debbie, Claire, Holly & Jess! Great job ladies!!
From Words by LisBeth:
No more shit reps.You know what I’m talking about: the garbage movement that you sometimes do warming up, or when you’re close to the end of the WOD, or when you’re really tired and your attention wanders.

The mediocre and worse stuff. The stuff you do to just “get ‘er done” and be closer to finished. The stuff you do because you just “don’t have the time” or you need to hurry. The less than excellent. The “good enough” …

I’m not just talking about the gym here. I’m talking about the shit reps in your life too. We see them. (And we recognize them, because we all do them at some point.) All of daily human life is littered with shit reps. If there was a Contest for Shit Reps, there would be millions of entries. People all over are notorious for putting out quantity — not quality — in their work and play lives, in their emotional and family lives too. We’re all overworked and (probably) underslept. (Is that a word? Well, you know what I mean.) But is that a reason for mediocre? Or just an excuse?

Whatever it is, stop it.  Your box (and your body) doesn’t need five more crappy-ass push-ups. What’s needed is one more damn straight and tight good push-up.  Your writing doesn’t need 25 muddled so-so paragraphs: it needs one fantastic sentence. Your kids don’t need bad food and TV and another toy. They need you. A focused, dedicated, and persevering you. They need quality, not quantity. They need the true, fit, hard, honest, loving, good you.

Respect the people in your life. Respect yourself. Give the really freaking good you.
Stop the shit reps. Everywhere. Commit yourself to excellence. Accept nothing less than the best you can give. Starting right now.

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  1. Lily

    Congrats Chicas!!!!! Looking strong!
    LOVED the little excerpt; such great reminders for not only our time in the box, but also in our everyday life!