Wednesday, September 12th:CrossFit


Wednesday, September 12th:CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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10:00 min Knee Tag! :):)

3 Rounds:

(Round 1)

-5 KB Bottoms Up Lunge

-5 KB Bottoms Up Press ea. Side

-5 Plank to Downward Dog

-5 Beat Kips on Rig/

(Round 2)

-5 KB Lunge + Press

-5 Wall Walks

-5 Kipping Pull-Ups

(Round 3)

-5 KB Bottoms Up Press + Lunge

-5 Kick to HS (Sub Wall-Walk)

-5 C2B Pull-Ups (Sub Pull-Ups)

Gymnastics Skill Work

HANDSTAND FUN 🙂 If you’d rather strength>skill do “Shoulders!”

Handstand Work (No Measure)

3 min EMOM:

-Wall Facing Shoulder Taps x 10 total

3 min EMOM:

-4 Kick up to handstand against wall with hands turned out

(Focusing on landing on the wall as soft as possible

3 min EMOM:

-Handstand Shoulder Shrugs x 10

5 minute Practice Free-standing Handstand Hold

5 minute Practice 6 foot handstand walk to wall.

Shoulders! (No Measure)

Four rounds of:

15 seconds of Lateral Raises (#5/#2.5)

15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Thumbs Facing Up

Rest 60 seconds, and then…

Four rounds of:

15 seconds of Lateral Raises with Thumbs Facing Up (#5/#2.5)

15 seconds of Hercules Hold with Palms Facing Up
Do this if you are not feeling the handstand work


Metcon (No Measure)

**The periods signify 10-15s of rest before doing your next number of Ring Dips or Pull-ups. The goal is to do the movements unbroken, rest the 10-15s, then get back on the rings or bar to do your next number of reps unbroken.
3 Sets:

A1) Strict Ring Dip Rest

-Rest 15s

A2.) 30s Hollow Body Hold

-Rest 60s

3 Sets:

B1): Kipping Pull ups

-Rest 15s.

B2) 30s Shoulder Plank. -Rest 60s.

Ring Dip Scales: Feet off ground box dips/banded ring dips/banded box dips/Feet assisted dips @31A1

Kipping Pull up Scales: Banded Kipping/Same number of reps Jumping Pull ups w/slow eccentric/Same number of Ring Rows @31X1

Cool Down

LAX Ball in Shoulder & Lat Head x 30-60s ea

Banded 3-Way OH Stretch x 45s ea. Arm ea. Position

Foam Roll Lats x 60s each Arm.

Extra Gains

Build that Engine! Give Part 1 & 2 a go from the Endurance Class Programming!