Wednesday, November 21st:CrossFit


Wednesday, November 21st:CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Last workout before Thanksgiving! Team work always makes training so much more fun! Secure your Team of 3 early and have fun!


General Warm-Up: Teams of 3:

Partner A= 30s Assault Bike

Partner B= Hollow Body Hold

Partner C= CrossOver Step-Ups x 3 Rounds

Part 2: Alt. EMOM x 8:00=

Even= 6 Burpee to Target + Hollow Hold in Remaining Time

Odd= Turkish Get-Up x 2 (1 ea. Side) using Cone on Hand as Weight

Thanksgiving 2018 (Time)

Teams of 3, complete:

-300 Cal AB

-200 Burpee Box Jump Overs(24/20″)

-200 Sandbag Get ups(3/2 Inserts)
-Everyone is working at the same time.

-Complete in any order -Switch movements whenever you want

Cool Down

Banded Pigeon Stretch x 60s ea. Leg

Forward Fold x 60-90s

Paleo Chair x 2:00 Accumulation

60-90s Cobra