Wednesday, November 14th: CrossFit


Wednesday, November 14th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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**Special Note***

6:30am will do the Battle Series. Anyone participating in Spartan or The Turkey Challenge this weekend should prioritize this time for our final WOD

Turkey Challenge is this weekend! Stay tuned for heat assignments



3 Laps around Rig

(1 Lap Forward, 1 Lap Lateral, 1 Lap backward)

Part 2:

-Back Rack Banded Lateral Walk (Band around feet and shoulders) 5 Steps

-5 Squats x 3 ea. Direction

-5 Burpee’s to Target

-1 Wall Walk

Strength EMOM

Back Squat

Every 3 minutes, for 12 minutes(4 Sets):

-4 Back Squats @ 90% of heaviest 5RM (Of Your First Week 5RM)-Right into 3 broad jumps.

**Make sure to have a rebound with these. No resetting between jumps.**


Metcon (Time)

For Time: 50 Sandbag Get-Ups(3/2 inserts)

1. Keep moving.

2. This is a rythmic movement and if you try to rush early, you will exhaust yourself! 3. Find flow in the earlier repetitions, then push the pace as you near the end.

Cool Down

-2-3:00 AB Cool-Down

-Seated Cross-Body Knee Hug x 60s ea.

-Banded Tall Lunge x 60s ea. Leg

-30 Cat-Cows Accumulated


6:30amers! Hit the warm-up, then take 7-10 min for WOD prep before getting in to this workout.

2018 Battle Series WOD 3 (AMRAP – Reps)

9 min AMRAP:

2-4-6-8.. DL

10-20-30-40.. Double-Unders


-RX=(225/115)-Scaled/Scaled Masters= 135/95

-Masters 55+= 185/125

Double Unders:

-RX= Double Unders

-Scaled and Master Scaled= Single Unders



-Scaled and Masters Scsaled= Hanging Knee Raises

1: Metcon (Calories)

Part 1: Alternating EMOM x 25:00

1-45s Ski-Erg at 80%

2- Alt. DB C&J x 16 Reps (50/35)

3- Assault Bike x 45s at 80%

4- 5 Chin-Ups + 5 K2E

5- 30s Plank

Score= Calories on Ski & Bike Combined

B1: Side Plank Clamshells (30-30-30)

B2: Reverse Fly (10-10-10)

B3: Single Arm Plank (30-30-30s)