Wednesday, January 30th: CrossFit


Wednesday, January 30th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Endurance WOD

Relay w/ Animal Walks + Explosive Shoulders (No Measure)

Part 1: Relay Warm-Up (50-100′ ea.)

Lunge w/ Twist

Elephant Walks

Over & Unders

Inch-Worm w/ Turn-Out

Crab Walk

Knee Hugs

Gator Crawl

Lateral Bear Crawl

Part 2:

2 Sets:

8 Floor Touch Jump to Ceiling

4 CrossOver Snow Angle (Slow & Controlled)

PVC Banded Lat Pull-Down & Raise x 20s

Kneeling Supinated Banded Pull-Down (5 Second Eccentric) x 5


Pistols to Box x 5 ea. Side (Slow & Controlled!)

6 CrossOver Step-Ups

10 Hollow Body Rocks

Banded Deadbug Knee Raise (Band Around foot) x 10 (5 ea. Side; Slow & Controlled)

Metcon (Time)

20 min EMOM:

Minute 1=3 Back Squat Singles @ 90% of 3-Rep Max

Minute 2= 60 DU

Minute 3= 6-8 Parallette Shoot Throughs(No push up but DO DO DIP)

Minute 4= 14 alt DB Farmer Carry Step ups(35/25)(RX+50/35#)(20/16in)

Minute 5=30s Hollow Body Hold .

**If you complete all minutes you will put ’20:00′ as you score. Every minute that you are not able to complete the required work will be one less minute to your score.**

**In the comments put your Back Squat weight.**
Performance: Alt. EMOM x 20:00:

1) 3 Box Squats at 80-85% 1RM

2) Single Leg Plate Hops x 12 ea. Leg

3) 10 Mountain Climbers w/ Feet in Rings (Sub= Feet not in rings)

4) Single Leg Glute Bridge x 8 ea. Side

5) 30s Bent Knee Hollow Body

Cool Down

Light Bike x 2-3:00

Foam Roll Quads & Hip Flexors (take your time)

Couch Stretch OR Banded Lunge x 60s ea. Leg

20-30 Cat-Cows & Frog Pumps


1: Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

For Time

500/400m Row

25 Pull-Ups

25/20 Ring Push-Ups

2: Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

For Time

30/25 Calorie Assault Bike

20 T2B

20 Sandbag Thrusters (4/3 Inserts)