Wednesday, January 16th: CrossFit


Wednesday, January 16th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Endurance WOD


General: Animal Walk Series (50-100′)


-Spiderman Lunge

-Elephant Walk

-Crab Walk

-Bear Crawl

-lateral Bear Crawl

Specific: 2 Rounds:

-CrossOver OHS w/ Pause x 5

-10 Downward Dog Alternating Toe Touch

-Lateral Squat Jump w/ Single Leg Landing x 5 ea. Leg

Snatch Development

Snatch Development Work:

Part 1: 4 min EMOM =

-3 Muscle Snatch (BB=30% Sn. Max)

Part 2: 4 min EMOM= High Hang Power Snatch x 2 + OHS (30-50%) Part 3:

E2MOM x 8:00 (4 Sets)=

Hang Snatch Triple (50-70% Max)

Alt. EMOM x 12:00:

Even= 4-6 Snatch Grip RDL (3131 Tempo)

Odd= Hollow Body Hold x 20s

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

2, 3 min AMRAP with 2 mins rest inbetween :

-7 Double KB Hang Clean(Power)(35/25; Rx+=53/35# each hand)

-9 Ring Dips

-42 DU

**You will start the second amrap where you left off from the first and the score is total Rounds and Reps**
Performance: 3:00 On/ 3:00 off/ 3:00 On

-6 Single Arm KB Swing (Russian) ea. Arm

-AMREP (-2) HR Push-Ups

-Single Arm Waiter Carry x 50′ ea. Arm

Cool Down


-LAX or BB Roll of Pec & Trap (2-3:00)

-CrossOver Recovery Series (Pay attention to tempos!)


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

6:00 Clock

1K Row

AMREP in Remaining Time

8 T2B

6 Burpee’s

-Rest 4:00

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

6:00 Clock

50/40 Calorie Ski-Erg (Sub= AB)

AMREP in Remaining Time

8 Dbl DB Power Clean (50/35)

6 Box Jumps (30/24)

-Rest 4:00