Wednesday, 8-1-2012


Wednesday, 8-1-2012

Deadlift work up to a 3×3
Floor press work up to a 3×3
For time
Partner 5,000m row
**Split into 500s, 1000s, 300s, etc but just get to 5km as fast as possible as a team!
Please move fast today.  We’ve got a lot to get in!

Coach Foust the judge during our Legends competition

I would like to share an email from an anonymous member with some kind words for Coach Jason Foust.  I received this during the Games when most of our coaches were at the event or out of town or illin (me) and Jason covered almost all of our classes while in school and working his regular job. It is really really nice to receive these kind words and pass them along to our coaches who put a lot of time in here.
“I wanted to let you know that working with Coach Foust during the Games was awesome! I hadn’t worked with him much and I was really impressed.  I really appreciated how he not tells, but explains thoroughly a movement, wod, and whatever it may be that you have a question about. On days where we had more time to use, he showed us new ways to mobilize and throughout it all, he is usually making us laugh! He’s a great coach!”
Thank you Coach Foust and to all coaches – Trish, JC, Mikey, Thomas, Rob-o, and (soon to be) Kourt! – who put in such a tremendous effort daily at Alpine!!

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    I agree…Foust has definitely bloomed as a coach and really showed that As of late! Kourtney did a great job as well! It’s great to be part of such a strong community with amazing coaches, every single one of our coaches are strong and shine in their own right! Woot woot!!!

  2. Rawnduh

    YES!! Foust has a way of pushing me that is almost covert because he’s so nice at the same time, yet he still gets his point across CLEARLY!!! He’s a great coach and I always look forward to working with him!!