Wednesday, 7-29-2015


Wednesday, 7-29-2015

After the Games there is always a lot of chatter about something programmed in 1-2 of the Games Events.  Not-so-surprisingly, there is also 1-2 things that stops many of these incredible athletes in their tracks.  Welcome in the 2015 Rogue “pegboard” of the finale.  I wanted to share a post from which is on point with this discussion and huffing-and-puffing from CrossFit fans.
In my opinion, I love the test of the pegboard.  However, I just don’t think it was the right WOD for the finale and to broadcast live on ESPN.  Maybe “heavy DT” or the Thruster/Bar MU couplet or anything else to swap into that prime time spot from another day.  But I know as well as anyone that the logistics and programming logistics of running an event.
Ok ok ok on to why everyone is here….

Workout of the Day
Week 5 of 6, Day 2: Back Squat 3×3 @ 95%
*Go heavier than last FRIDAY and last week MONDAY.  Rest as needed between the heaviest efforts thus far of this Russian cycle.  
*We now have a Safety Squat Bar!  Check out the post below.
Five Rounds For Time:
10 Front Rack Lunges 115/80 (5 per leg)
10 Push Jerks 115/80
10 Pull Ups
*30sec Rest after each round (yes, mandatory…you’re welcome…kinda =)
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

Introducing the safety squat bar! This is a piece I’ve wanted to add to our facility for a while. This is an excellent tool for developing depth and midline position in the squat. Your coaches will help you. Also a great accessory piece for you expert squatting ninjas. Enjoy!

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