Wednesday, 7-18-2012


Wednesday, 7-18-2012

Deficit Deadlift 8×2
Weighted step-ups 3×5
Tabata hollow rocks
We just added three things for everyone to sign up for on the main board:
– Alpine Fantasy Football (see Chad to get the detes)
 – Tough Pumpkin Team Competition on Sept 29th at CrossFit Julia in Lousiville.  Teams of 2 women and 2 men.  I have reserved Alpine TWO teams for this epic event so sign up because they will go FAST!
– Live blood test at the Green Herb on Saturday Aug 4th.  Limited to 12 people.  The Green Herb is only a mile from our facility.  This is CRAZY educational and I really encourage you to check it out.  You can see exactly what is in your blood via a projector as Dr. Cass explains it to you.  I have personally done this test 4 times and I learn so many things from mineral deficiencies to how your body is absorbing food to parasitic invasions.  Here is how its described on their website:

Live blood cell analysis.

This is a wonderful test which requires only a finger prick and is performed in office by Dr Cass. This truly is an analysis of live blood which imparts a multitude of vital information about the human body. This test is done with a Darkfield microscope which is a modern tool used in biologic research. With this we use a specialized video camera which feeds the real time image to a television monitor so you the patient can follow the Doctor through the whole test as it is happening. From the information Dr. Cass can identify several key factors including vitamin/mineral deficiencies, toxicities, organ stress, digestion and parasitic organisms. We then use this information to determine exactly what your body is needing.

Weekly challenge WODs will now be posted on the whiteboard in the Oly room. This week’s challenge is “Spencer”

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