Wednesday 3-9-2011


Wednesday 3-9-2011

New 12pm class on Thursdays!
Happy Birthday Rachelle!
AMRAP 22min
3 Rope climbs
9 Toes to bar
8 Wall climbs
9 Double unders
Happy 22nd Rachelle! She was a little hot after a burpee-box jump and running WOD earlier this winter and decided to cool off here.
Rachelle always brings A TON of energy in for every session which everyone always feeds off of so we thought we would spice up her birthday a bit and add in some of her favorite moves. Rachelle almost always stays after at every class and works on her kipping pull-ups, double unders, HSPU’s, or another skill that she is dying to master.  We appreciate your hard work and commitment to improving your CrossFit performance, Rachelle.  Thanks for always bringing a great attitude!

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