Wednesday 2-8-2012


Wednesday 2-8-2012

Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!

Fight Gone Bad Style:
3 rounds, 1 minute for reps at each movment:
Slam Ball 40/30
Battle Ropes
KB Swings 55/35
Row (Calories)
Situps/GHD sit ups
1 minute rest between rounds
17 minutes of FUN!!
What can I say about Jennifer??!  What a great addition to Alpine and such an inspiration she has been! Jennifer comes in with an excited attitude everyday no matter what the workout is (well, maybe not burpees, but hey…)
She always strives for good form and listens to every coaching cue and “push” we give her! Changing her diet to Paleo and giving 110% everyday has brought forth so many changes on the outside as well as the inside!! Not sure what the pounds lost is these days (50? 60?- cant remember when the last weigh in was… I believe we”ll get a new total after her Bday!) but her movements and strength has exploded!! I remember when she did push ups on the wall, then we got her down on a box to a ball (remember that day? so hard!) Now she has beautiful push ups on the floor! Just deadlifted 200#s and I swear she had more in her! Jennifer is a regular at the 5:30am class and as many of us are a little grumpy at first that early, She always brightens the gym! Jennifer is a regular at the competitions as well cheering everyone on and volunteering.  Soon, Jennifer, you’ll be out there too! Soon!
Happy Birthday!!
Jennifer and the 5:30 am crew!!

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  1. RZ

    Hope you had an UBER RAD birthday Jennifer!! You are a true inspiration and thank you for everything you do for Alpine!!