Wednesday, 2-1-2012


Wednesday, 2-1-2012

COMPETITORS: This Saturday’s OPEN Prep will be moved to 11:00am-1:00pm instead of our usual 10:00am-12:00pm.  We will be doing a TEAM WOD.
Dynamic Effort Back Squat  8×3 with bands at 65% 1RM
Accessory work:
Behind the neck yoke walk  3x100ft
Not For Time:
Ring handstand push-ups (with assistance if needed)
Stone to shoulder 145/115

Just in case anyone didn't see it, this is the foam roller "someone" left out yesterday. I know what you're thinking....why did they use the ONE actual foam roller we have and not the 14 pvc rollers?!?

Another great story posted on our Facebook page yesterday:

Ok, I’m pretty stoked about this! My schedule isn’t allowing me to get in for a WOD like usual today so I went mountain biking. There is a climb that I attempted to ride non stop about 20 times last year and never made it up without stopping. Today after not riding on a trail for over two months, I made it up that hill non stop and actually shifted to a higher gear a few times.
I know CrossFit probably had more to do with it than the 30 day Paleo but I’m sure eating clean helped too. I think I’ll have some broccoli to celebrate!

Hell yeah Tim!!!  Nice work and thanks for the comment

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