Wednesday, 11-30-2011


Wednesday, 11-30-2011

Sumo Deadlift
8×2 +1+1 (same weight for 8 sets then 2 attempts at heavier 1reps.  It you fail the first attempt, you are done.)
Then NFT:
3×5 Good Mornings from the bottom
3×5 Back Ext. with plate at chest
3 max sets of Plank holds with plate on back
(If time is short, please get one set of each of these in!!)
Dr. Dorian Haywood of Chiromega Chiropractic & Physical Wellness will be available tomorrow afternoon from 1pm-7pm at our facility.  He will be providing discounted rates on initial examinations and adjustments.  Adjustments will start at $30!

Please email [email protected] to schedule for tomorrow.

Many of you may already know Dorian but he has recently joined Alpine as a regular member.  He will be at the noon class tomorrow as well.  He will be making regular weekly visits to Alpine to treat our members directly at our facility.  We will have a sign up sheet soon for you to schedule in advance and see Dr. D directly at Alpine


Man’s Best Friend helping out with Burpees!

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