Wednesday, 1-4-2012


Wednesday, 1-4-2012

Day 3 of WHOLE 30
For time:
Run 2000m
*This is one of our new benchmarks at Alpine 2.0 so please don’t miss this!!!  You will be able to mod with a row.  Run route: start and finish at the garage door, 3 loops around West side of Alpine, train tracks, Ward road, 50th place. 
Full recovery then for time:
100 Slam balls 40/30


Our friends at Simply Pure Nutrients are offering a sale to our members on two of their most popular selling items which are designed SPECIFICALLY for Crossfitters.  They are:
Pure Omega 3 fish oil…………………..$40
PRO3 Synergy Recovery Fuel…………$40
These are incredible products!!  The fish oil is the highest grade you can possibly get and it is a 2-month supply.  I would love to get everyone taking this for the cardiovascular, neurological, ocular, joint and skin, and anti-inflamatory benefits.  If there is only one supplement you will take, then it needs to be fish oil.  See Robby, Jason, or Trish to get some.
Simply Pure Nutrients is also a title sponsor of the current WOD CLUB OPEN which is running through the next 3 weeks.  We are doing these WODs the following 3 Saturdays so plan on registering for this and submitting your scores each Saturday.  This will be a good warm-up for the CrossFit Open which will start February 22nd.

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  1. Rachel S.

    Not a huge fan of running but I will force myself in there later today 🙂
    Josh and I have been using the protein powder from Simply Pure Nutrients
    and are loving it!