Wednesday 1-23-2012


Wednesday 1-23-2012

From CrossFit Mainsite!!

3 RFT:
15 DB Squat Snatch right arm 35/25
15 GHD Sit Ups (sub abmats)
15 DB Squat Snatch left arm
15 Toes to Bar (sub K2E, K2Chest, or floor ttb)

Kristen Clever did this in 7:59 Mens weight!

From CrossfitFire:

The barbell doesn’t care

January 19th, 2013, by

HONEYBADGER. Know what I love most about barbells? It isn’t their steely feel in my hand, or their weight on my body. (although I do love those things) It’s their unyielding authority in which they don’t give a shit. My barbell doesn’t care if I’ve had a bad day. It doesn’t care if stayed up too late, had a fight with my teenager, or if I have an inbox with 213 unread emails. I guess you could say that my barbell is a lot like the honeybadger.  My barbell is there for one purpose, and it cannot be distracted or muddied up by all the other bullshit.

MY BAR. I take it out of the rack and it’s heavy. It presses down on me and I press back up into it. In that moment I know this: I know nothing else matters except moving that weight. I can let my troubles and aggravations disappear and just become one with that bar. Weight goes down, weight goes up. Tight core, knees out. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s all so simple.

YOUR DRUG. Once you truly experience the tranquil strength of your barbell it becomes an addiction. It becomes your therapy. It becomes better than blasting Enya during that hot bath with the soap bubbles and fancy inflatable pillow. It’s like I have a fever, and the only prescription is more barbell.

LET IT IN. So next time you approach your barbell, approach it with the respect it deserves. Soak in the simplicity of the movements you’re performing. Absorb all the serenity and power of your barbell like you’re a green carnation on St. Patrick’s Day. Your bar can be your therapy, but you have to succomb to its mystical powers.