Wednesday 1-11-2012


Wednesday 1-11-2012


In two minutes do reps of for total pounds moved:
You choose the weight and multiply it by total reps for total score.
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 front squat
1 push press
(back rack)
1 back squat
1 back rack press.
Each round is 6 reps, score is total reps multiplied by the weight(including bar) in pounds.Its a modified bear complex, but all movements can flow:

  • Start by filming your weights
  • Deadlift must return to ground. This may be different than a traditional bear complex. Watch the movement standards video.
  • Power clean can join to squat clean,  which can join to press (essentially this becomes a clean to thruster)
  • Back squat can join to back rack press.
  • We will be judging that you hit the bottoms of the squats and the tops of the presses.
  • Please watch the Movement Standards video
  • There are 6 reps per round. You can complete any number of the movements within a round. So yes, if you fail on the back press and run out of time thats 5 reps counted that last round.
  • If you fail you can re-set via the starting position for that movement and do that movement again. So in the case of the back rack press, if you fail and still have time, you may reset on the back rack and try to back press again.



Warm up:
5 Push ups
5 V-ups
5 Arch rocks


Skill work:
Handstand practice

Workout Strength Couplet – Take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

Perform 3 handstand push ups then 3 Straight body lifts for 5 rounds
5X3 Handstand push up  (use box scale if unable to do free standing)
5X3 Straight body lift

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  1. Tim Osborn

    Hey Alpine CrossFit gang!
    Thanks for all the awesome support during my first month of CrossFit.
    I’m starting get the hang of things and enjoying the pain. Looking forward to someday doing a handstand push up and pullups without a band (no kipping though!)