US Ski Team Portillo show – Days 6&7


US Ski Team Portillo show – Days 6&7

Evening sports fans!
Sadly we are wrapping up our trip. Today was our last full day in Portillo with the best damn ski team around!  We depart Portillo at 3pm tomorrow (12pm MST) and arrive in Denver late Sunday morning.  Well worth the long travel!  We will both be posting a final “wrap up” once we get back to Denver.  More videos and photos then too.
Here’s a good summary of day 6 (Thursday) from my Dad’s blog
“Portillo is in a valley with steep peaks on the east and west sides. The team usually trains on the west side early until the sun warms the snow. Then the team practices on the east side as the sun hits the snow there later in the morning. Today a Super G (SG) race was set up on the west side which the team raced on after inspecting. After the west side race the team went to the east side, inspected and ran a SG race while the west side was reset for another SG race. A total of four full length SG races were set up, inspected, run and torn down before noon. That is quite a feat. The ski team support staff should be commended for their ability to provide the athletes with this high level of training.”
For sure…re-setting 4 times and running 4 timed individual races in one morning is one crazy task.  This organization has their @*$% together.  They also have a lot of great coaches and techs who work their asses off all season for these guys.  There are many people behind the scenes who are responsible for every US Ski Team podium on the World Cup circuit.

Tommy Biesemeyer has been KILLING IT in SG this week, winning a majority of the SG races.

Day 7 – Today
More SG training on the Plateau (east) side early in the morning with Giant Slalom on the West side on the steep-ass Roca Jack trail.  This run must have a 60deg pitch at the top.  Ver6ay.  GS specialists Ligety, Ford, and Jitloff spent most of the morning blazing down the Roca Jack GS.  Ted Ligety (world’s best GS racer) made it look STUPID easy.  Really fun to watch.  The course was about 60sec long with about 80% of that at a 60deg pitch….brutal.  I took four runs on it and it was a very humbling hill/course!  I pre-released a ski (ie ejected out of one ski) one my first run with bindings on 14 (ie high setting) then cranked them up to 15 and pre-released AGAIN on my second run.  It was a rough hacked out course!  I grind-ed it out on my final 2 runs and managed to finish lol. 
The speed guys and all event skiers started on the SG track, made a few solid timed runs, then made their way over to the Roca for a couple timed GS runs.  We’ll have some video on both of these.

Nick Daniels laying em over on the Roca GS trail.

Tommy Ford and Ted Ligety at the bottom of the Roca GS.

To follow our athletes this season, check out their World Cup schedule HERE. The first race is a Giant Slalom in Soelden, Austria on Nov 22nd and the season runs through March 18th at the World Cup Finals in Schladming, Austria.  You can watch almost every race on Universal Sports TV and/or on Universal
CROSSFIT FREAKS!!  Here’s a Renegade Fitness REP and a LifeAsRx REP direct from Portillo!