Tuesday, September 18th: CrossFit


Tuesday, September 18th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Class poll: What was your first CrossFit WOD?


30s Moderate Paced Arms only AB


3 Rounds:

-8 each arm Bottom up KB bicep Curl into Strict Press

-Standing Tricep Wall Press x 8

-8 Hanging Hollow to Superman on Pull Up Bar.


Handstand Practice (No Measure)

20 minutes to complete:

-Accumulate 30 Wall Facing Shoulder Taps Total.

-Accumulate 12 Kick ups to Handstand against the Wall with SOFT landing on the Wall.

-Accumulate 6 Kick ups to partner.. Partner, you are going to grab their ankles/calves.

-20 feet of handstand walking. **If you are unable to do this alone, you are going to stay with your partner and have them hold on to your ankles while you start talking.**

Metcon (2 Rounds for time)

Goal for today is to get through each round as quickly as possible AND have both rounds be very close, if not exactly the same time.
2 Rounds:

-15 pull ups(Butterfly is allowed)

100m sprint

-10 pull ups

100m sprint

-5 pull ups

100m sprint

-6 Strict Ring Dips

12 KB Swings(53/35)

-5 Strict Ring Dips

12 KB Swings

-4 Strict Ring Dips

-12 KB Swings

Rest 3 minutes

RX+= CTB AND 70/53# KB Swings

Cool Down

Barbell Roll Out Arms & Lats x 60-90s ea. Arm (Focus in on where you feel tight/tender, but be gentle)

3 Rounds for Quality:

5 Cat-Cows

30s Scorpion (Stomach) ea. Side