Tuesday, September 11th: CrossFit


Tuesday, September 11th: CrossFit

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September 11th is a day most all of us remember well. Use todays warmup time to remember all those who are feeling the heartbreak of that day today.

Warm-up (No Measure)

500m Row +

2 Rounds:

10 Wall-Sit Front Raise +

10 Single Leg DL ea. Side +

10 Box Step-Overs ea. Leg

10 Banded Pallof Press

Skill Work:

If you do not have pistols, do this:

2 Sets:

-10-15s Front Weighted Pistol Balance


3 Sets:

-10 alternating banded pistol squat. Band around your butt and connected to pull up bar.


-8 alternating weighted candle stick Roll

If you do have pistols, do this:

2 sets:

-20s pistol squat balance each leg(Balancing at the bottom of your pistol


2 sets:

-8 alternating pistols squats @40X0


Every 10s, for 3 minutes:

-weighted pistol negative. Switch legs every 10s.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 minutes AMRAP:

-400m Run

-16 Alt DB Farmer Carry Step- Ups(35/25 each hand.)

-61 DU

Cool Down

AB x 3:00 Recovery

-LAX Ball in Glutes x 30-60s ea.

-Wall Calf/Achilles Stretch x 60s ea. Leg

– Band Anchored Hamstring Floss (Standing) & Posterior Hip Capsule Stretch (Alternating every 30s x 1:00 ea. Stretch for each Leg)

Extra Gains

WL Technique Progression (Power):

A) E2MOM x 6:00 (3 Sets)= 3 Muscle Snatch (1.1.1) at 35-45% Sn. Max

B) E2MOM x 8:00= Pause Power Snatch 1.1 (At patella) -Building from 55%

C) E3MOM x 12:00 (4 Sets) Low-Hang Power Clean x 3