Tuesday, November 20th: CrossFit


Tuesday, November 20th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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How are we feeling after Deadlifts & Jackie? Who’s ready for quick feet, jump rope skills, and booty gains today?


General: 4 Laps (1 Forward, 2 Lateral, 1 Backwards)

Part 2:

MB Single Leg Rotation Throw x 3 ea. Side (Outside leg is down leg)

Suicide Run (1st Green Pole, 2nd Green Pole, 3rd Green Pole) at 70% Effort

KB Death March (1xKB) x 50′

Part 3:

Banded Lateral Walk x 10 Steps ea. Side (Small Band around feet; Underneath ball of the foot. Keep feet facing forward)

Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds for Time:

-50 DU

-15 Russian KB Swings(70/55#)

-Shuttle Sprint(Down and Back Length of Rig x2)

Rest 1 minute between sets

1. DU= Keep your shoulders relaxed and mind calm. Smooth is fast.

2. Chest tall on the KB Swings, keep your shoulders rolled back and core active.

3. 6 Rounds is a lot. Coming out at 100% is a recipe for crashing hard in the later rounds. So, go at about 85-90% the first 4 rounds and then sell out the last two.


Cool Down

Foam Roll: Calves & Glutes x 1-2:00

Banded Hamstring Floss x 60s ea. Leg

Banded Lateral Opener x 45-60s ea. Side

60s Scap Retraction Planks/Push-Ups