Tuesday, May 28th: CrossFit


Tuesday, May 28th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Tip Mallard Tuesday!


General: 5:00 Assault Bike (1st 15s ea. Minute= 80-85% Effort, then drop to Conversation Pace)

Specific: 3 Rounds:

-10 Single Leg Glute Bridge (R-Side)

-CrossOver 90/90 x 6 Reps

-10 Single Leg Glute Bridge (L-Side)

-10 Knee Hug to Hollow Body Position

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

“22:00 AMRAP

-18/15 Cal AB (Legs Only)

-20s Banded Pallof Hold ea. Side

-30 CrossOver Step-Ups(20/16″)

-30s Wall-Sit

-12/9 Cal AB (Arms Only)

-20s Hollow Body Hold ”

**You must complete the 20s Pallof Hold/Hollow Body Hold to get the 1 rep each is worth.**

Cool Down

-400m Sandbag

-MB Hug & Walk

-Seated Cross Body Knee Hug x 45-60s ea. Side

-Cobra Stretch x 60-90s

Extra Gains

Take an extra 10-15:00 Using Mobility Tools or Stretching anything that feels tight, sore, or needing extra attention. Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow in preps for Power, Strength, Speed, and Skill!