Tuesday, June 6th (Practice: Oxidative Repeats + Lower Body Structural Work)


Tuesday, June 6th (Practice: Oxidative Repeats + Lower Body Structural Work)

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


A : Warm-up (No Measure)

Indoor Relay Drills:

Lunges (Forward and Backward)

Side Lunge (Alternating)


Duck Walks (Forward and Backward)

Toy Solidiers/Straight Leg Kicks

High Knee’s (Forward & Backwards)

Butt Kicks (Forward & Backwards)

B: Specific Warm up (No Measure)

2-3 Rounds:

30s Seated Arm Running

30s Banded Resistance Running

40’ Bounding

Metcon (3 Rounds for time)

800m Run x 3 Rounds

-Reference 5/23 for your pacing
(Rest 1:1; Go for -20s Mile Pace. Example= 7:30 Mile is a 3:45 800m Pace. Go for 3:25 and Under)

Strength (not for time)

Rest 90 seconds between sets

A1: Death March (DB’s) (20-20-20)

With DB’s in both hands, walk forward and with each step, perform a single leg RDL. Both DB’s must touch the floor.

A2: Front Rack Lunge (8 each leg )

Front Foot Elevated Front Rack Lunge (Tempo: 2020)

Cool Down

Lower Body Roll-Out + Deep Mobility

Lacrosse Ball on Calf & Glute (30-45s ea.)

Couch Stretch x 90s ea. Side

Extra Gains

Midline Building Series + Front Rack Prehab

Midline Building Series: 3 Rounds Through

10 Hollow Body Rocks w/ MB OH

20s GHD Sorrenson Hold

10 Side Plank Bridge ea. Side (Feet Elevated)

Front Rack Prehab:

Bicep Openers: Accumulate 5 Repetitions ea. Movement