Tuesday, June 11th: CrossFit


Tuesday, June 11th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Tip Mallard Tuesday!


Relay w/ Animal Walks (No Measure)

Part 1: Relay Warm-Up (50-100′ ea.)

Lunge w/ Twist

Elephant Walks

Over & Unders

Inch-Worm w/ Turn-Out

Crab Walk

Knee Hugs

Gator Crawl

Lateral Bear Crawl


Specific: Alt. EMOM x 2 Rounds (10:00)

1: Leg on Rig Leg Lowers x 10 ea. Side

2: Banded Overhead Squat (Band on Rig Like CrossOver) x 5 w/ Hold in

Bottom x 10s last rep

3: 6 Squat Thrust to Pull-Up Bar (Burpee with No Push-Up)

4: 20s Banded Pallof Hold ea. Side

5: Push-Up Matrix (Standard, Wide, Diamond) x 3 ea.

Gymnastics Skill Work

3 Sets:

A1) Single Arm Z Press x 6 @31X1, each side, Rest 30s

A2) Ring Rows x 6 @3131, Rest 30s

A3) AMRAP(-2) Kipping HSPU

Rest 2 minutes.


A1 & A2= Same,

A3= Downward Dog Hold x 25s

Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

2 Sets(5 minutes rest between sets)

5 min AMRAP:

-20 hand Release Push with shoulder tap each side at top

-20 Kipping Straight leg raises(Feet go above plane of hips)

-40 DU

-AMREP Pull-Up in Sets of 4 in Remaining Time

**RX+=CTB in Sets of 4**
Performance: 2x 2 Rounds For Quality (Rest 5:00 b/w ea. Set of 3 Rounds)

-6 Inch-Worms w/ Push-Up

-12 Alt. V-Ups

-9 Strict Pull-Ups (Band Assisted for UB)

-30s Single Skip Jump Rope (No rest b/w Rounds)

Cool Down

Cool Down

-Light 400m Jog

-LAX in Pec (On rig to allow for Arm Movement)

-Banded 3-Way OH Stretch ea. Arm (45s ea.)

Extra Gains

Extra Gains

“Bro-Out” 3 Rounds:

-12 DB Hammer Curl

-12 Banded Tricep Extension (Minimal Rest)

3 Rounds:

-12 DB Bent-Over Reverse Fly

-12 Banded External Rotation at Neutral ea. Arm