Tuesday, April 9th: CrossFit


Tuesday, April 9th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Tip Mallard Tuesday!

Relay w/ Animal Walks (No Measure)

Part 1: Relay Warm-Up (50-100′ ea.)

Lunge w/ Twist

Elephant Walks

Over & Unders

Inch-Worm w/ Turn-Out

Crab Walk

Knee Hugs

Gator Crawl

Lateral Bear Crawl


Specific: Alt. EMOM x X Minutes:

1) PVC Banded Pull-Downs x 10

2) “I Dream of Jeanie” x 5 ea. Arm

3) KB Bottoms Up Lunge & Press x 10 Alternating

Metcon (Weight)

10 minute alt EMOM:

1): 1 Strict Press + 1 Push Press

2): 5-7 strict Pull ups

**Goal is to go heavier than last week.**

-Use DB’s for Press + AMREP (-2)

-Banded Strict Wide Grip Pull-Ups (Wider grip than last week)

Metcon (Time)

6 Rounds for total time:

-7 Pull Ups (C2B=rx+)

-8 Push ups on DBS

-9 Renegade Rows, each arm, (no push-up)

**Rest 60s between rounds.**

**Goal is like last week with each round being as quick as possible and UB. **

-Accumulate 36 Renegade Rows in UB Sets of 6

(Every break= 20s Active Hang before returning)

Cool Down

2 Sets:

60s Banded Bully, each arm

30s 3-Position Banded OHS stretch, each position, each arm

Extra Gains

Accumulate 20 Turkish Get-Ups Alternating Arms

(Moderate Weight; Emphasis on Shoulder Engagement & Position)


A little preview of tomorrow: https://youtu.be/ifc73fVfj_g