Tuesday 8-14-2011


Tuesday 8-14-2011

Happy 40th Birthday Jill!!!
Thanks for all the help you always give to Alpine! Always cheerful at 5:30am!! (well, not the first 5 minutes…) We love you!!
Burpee Jump & touch (6″above reach) (for Jill the low bar….)
Deadlift 225/155 (not that far off the ground for her to lift…)
40 Abmat situps for time (Jill can use her kid’s, I mean short torso abmat!)
Love you Jillie!!

9 Responses

  1. Lily

    Feliz Cumpleanos Jillie! This wod is perfect for you with your [and the other two of us who make up the triplets!!] height requirements!!

  2. Jilly Bean

    Technically…I am still sleeping when I arrive at the 5:30am class! 🙂 The rest of you are so cheerful & chatty. Frankly, it’s a little weird. But I still love the 5:30am gang!

  3. RZ

    Happy birthday Jillie!!!!

    I hope I don’t trip over your burpee jump and touch bar tomorrow 🙂

    hahhahahah you know I love you have a GREAT day!