Tuesday, 8-12-2014


Tuesday, 8-12-2014


Hello ACF members and to all reading this.  Below is the email I had sent to members on Sunday informing everyone that today (Tuesday) will be Trish’s final day of coaching at Alpine CrossFit.  Please come join her for the 530am, 630am, 800am class to say thank you!

“I must admit that this is one tough email to send – on Friday I was sadly informed that Coach Trish will be leaving our community.   Trish and a former member of Alpine will be starting a gym in the area.  I know I speak for so many when I say that we will miss her greatly!

Trish’s final day of coaching at Alpine will be this Tuesday morning – 530am, 630am, and 800am.  We have given Trish the opportunity to coach a few more classes at Alpine as a way for you all to wish her well with the new endeavor and a way to say thank you for her 3.5 years of service to Alpine.  I know Trish would also like to see so many of you and say thanks as well.  

I am so grateful for Trish and what she has done for our community and I know you are all too.  I still remember her first day coaching at Alpine and hearing the great feedback from our members then like I still hear today.  I remember the first class I took of hers and learning new movements like “scorpions” and “plow to straddle” and how awkward but awesome they made me feel.

If there’s one thing I hate more than a WOD with 10,000 burpees, its drama.  I would like everyone to know that there are no hard feelings between Trish and I.  Yes, I was surprised by the news and yes, there have been some mixed feelings on my end with their gym being in close proximity to ours.  However, I am proud to have had the opportunity to coach alongside her at Alpine.

On behalf of so many of us, thank you Trish!!  Hope you can make it in on Tuesday morning.”


Workout of the Day
For Time:
Hang Power Clean 135/95
*3 Strict Handstand Push-ups between each set (not after the final rep – 25 total)
*Sub with 3 heavy KB strict press or 2 Wall Walks
Then, post-Conditiong and full recovery,  Practice Rope Climbs and work on the skill for 5min.  Wear long socks!  If you have solid rope climbs, then, 
3min Rope Climb AMRAP
*Standard 11′ Alpine Rope Climb – Start on knees, head to rafters, return to ground with full control

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.