Tuesday, 7-28-2015


Tuesday, 7-28-2015

A few quick things from this weekend…
 Coach Dylan put up a PR total of 239kg at the Rocky Mountain State Games in CO Springs on Sunday.  He went 3-for-6 and had an impressive Snatch session but Jerks weren’t quite on and he didn’t have the C&J session we had hoped for.  Overall he is looking very solid and still on pace to qualify for the American Open in December!

This weekend we said, not good-bye, but “see ya later” to Sabrina/Swollbrina/Squatbrina as she moved to Durango.  I caught up with her on Saturday and she is very sad to leave her ACF friends that she has enjoyed lifting with and says “good-bye” to you all.  She hopes to lift in our Holiday weightlifting meet on December 12th.

Oh and the CrossFit Games …but of course you all know that because you are all junkies!!! And you know I say that with love.  =)  This year had to be one of the most exciting finishes as it literally came down to the final workout and final few reps to crown the Women’s AND Men’s AAAAAND Team’s winners.  The Women’s podium had three rookies and two Iceland-ers and the Euros and World dominated.  The Men’s Gold medalist, Ben Smith, proved that the tortoise CAN win.  Ben has been to the Games SEVEN TIMES and finally won.
 Be sure to watch the archived footage at Games.CrossFit.com as well as re runs on ESPN.
 …but does Ben Smith’s fridge get a medal too and cash prize too???

Workout of the Day
Overhead Squat – 10min to work up to a heavy single
*I know we are in the middle of a squat cycle but we have not trained the OHS.  Only work singles and keep the volume low.  This is not meant to be a PR attempt.
9min AMRAP of the ladder for max reps:
7 Power Cleans 135/95
3 Box Jumps 24″/20″
7 Power Cleans
6 Box Jumps
7 Power Cleans
9 Box Jumps
7 Power Cleans
12 Box Jumps
…continue to increase the box jumps by three until time expires
Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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