Tuesday, 7-17-2012


Tuesday, 7-17-2012

Since its Warrior Classic Competition Season….
2011 Warrior CrossFit Competition WOD #2:
15min AMRAP
10 Power cleans 165/110
20 Burpees
30 KB Snatch 55/35
40 Ball Slam 40/30
50 Double unders
Here’s the standards video we put together for this event back at Alpine 1.0.  Seems like we did this an eternity ago but yet it was only 11 months
…..and yup, my glasses are still cool….ya betta ax someboday!

This Saturday is BUSY! 
Survivor Mud Run in Loveland, CO.  
Scott’s birthday party at the Bergeron Ranch (check your email to RSVP) with Bday WOD at 2pm at the Ranch.
All Saturday classes on as scheduled.

3 Responses

  1. Rawnduh

    I remember watching this video last year for the comp, having been doing CrossFit only about 2 weeks, and thinking 3 very distinct thoughts-
    1. “Those glasses are weird!!”
    2. “Holy crap, I can’t even do half that stuff!!”
    3. “That Trish is a bad ass! I wanna be like her someday!!”

    1. robbyz

      I thought you told me it was
      1) Robby must be the raddest dude alive because he wears those shades daily

      ….but on a serious note you should be very very proud of yourself for how much you have improved!!!

  2. Jilly Bean

    As her judge a year ago, I thought she was quite the badass for entering a competition 2 weeks into Crossfit. I mean, who does that? Now that I have gotten to know her, I’ve simply determined that she is fearless, determined, hardworking and just a wee bit crazy! Haha