Tuesday, 6-19-2012


Tuesday, 6-19-2012

I couldn’t resist….now its your turn to play, Alpine members!
2012 Legends Competition Event #6
For time:
6 Rounds of a competition style “Cindy”, then
20 Stone shoulderings 115/70
60 Double unders
120m Stone carry 115/75
**Competition “Cindy” = 5 chest to bar pull-ups, 10 hand release push-ups with feet on a plate, 15 air squats
**There is a 1 burpee penalty each time you drop the stone during the carry
Top times:
Kevin Ogar – 9:00
Natalie McClain – 10:27
**You time goal today should be to stay within the 10-15min window and no longer than 18min.
If you competed this weekend then we can sub movements in this WOD or you can do your supplemental Oly work or strength work from yesterday

5 Responses

  1. robbyz

    From the photos I just realized that Tom cheated because he was making the stone levitate during the stone carry. NO REP!! 🙂

  2. Nothing like dropping the stone 6 times because of how “levitated” it was, haha. Find me a rule that said no levetating… exactly!

      1. Rawnduh

        Gabriel didn’t get any women’s pics because he wasn’t able to get to the event until later that day.