Tuesday, 6-14-2011


Tuesday, 6-14-2011

For time:
1200m Row then 3 rounds: 12 clapping push-ups, 12 GHD sit-ups, 12 ring rows
800m Row then 3 rounds: 8 clapping push-ups, 8 GHD sit-ups, 8 ring rows
400m Row then 3 rounds: 4 clapping push-ups, 4 GHD sit-ups, 4 ring rows

Birthday boy moving some weight!

Oh SNAP its back-to-back birthday WOD’s!  And this time its Greg’s turn to suffer!  We can’t say enough about the RAPID results which Greg has received from working at Alpine in just over a couple months now.  The dude is turning into a beast!  He has lost 20+ pounds of body fat and his met-con and strength lifts are improving faster than any of our coaches have ever witnessed before.  In a recent physical, he also found that his stage 1 hypertensive blood pressure has now dropped to 110/70.  HUGE results Greg congrats!! Thanks for always working so hard Greg and for having a determined attitude.  Enjoy your birthday suck-fest!!!

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