Tuesday 5-3-2011


Tuesday 5-3-2011

For time:
Run 200m backwards
Run 200 forwards
40 Lateral burpees
40 Front squats  75/55
30 GHD sit-ups
30 Pistol squats
20 Toes to bar
20 MB clean 30/20
Run 200m backwards
Run 200m forwards

Would like to let everyone know that Scott has Rx'd his past two WOD's (Yesterday and Friday). The dude is turning into an absolute machine!!!

Below is the essay from Scott about why he wants to commit to the 12-week Paleo/Zone challenge.  This is incredibly inspirational!!  We are so lucky to have you as a friend and as part of the Alpine community, Scott.
There are many other very inspirational stories that people wrote as to why they want to make this challenge a priority in their life (don’t worry we won’t be posting them or sharing them at all unless you would allow us to).  You all are absolutely incredible and (us) coaches are damn proud of you.  We are so excited to about the accomplishments we will see over the next 12 weeks!

Dear Coaches and the Alpine CrossFit Community,

My name is Scott Bergeron and I am doing the Alpine CrossFit 12 week nutritional challenge as a sequel to my first 12 week challenge which ended on April 19th, 2011.   I had lost 30 pounds of body weight on my first challenge and was totally shocked when all of you showed up at my place for a surprise party.     The Alpine coaches and community are the primary reason that my first challenge was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  This time around, I want to continue to help myself and to help others.

I have always been a goal setter, but it was primarily for business, sales, and “stuff I had to have”.  LOL .  Many friends and business associates in the past wondered why I could be a business success and not be able to achieve my health goals.  The answer is this:  I simply didn’t make it a priority.

Now the fact is, if I’m not healthy, don’t think healthy, and don’t act healthy, I am not successful.

My goal for this Alpine CrossFit 12 week Nutritional Challenge is simple: repeat the process, repeat the results, help others along the way.    During my first challenge, I was more focused about staying ‘zone”, writing everything down and not as focused on being 100% zone/paleo.   Realistically, I was probably 80%+ zone/paleo, but there were challenges along the way.

One piece of advice; when you are starting to get low on good paleo/zone food, stop everything you’re doing and go to the store BEFORE ITS TOO LATE.  Otherwise your mind has a way of selling you on eating something you know doesn’t cut it.  You mind will say to you “it’s OK just this time”!

My goal is to drop 30 pounds; reduce my waist 3”, reduce my ass 3”, reduce my body fat by 7%, and to fit into a 36-38” waist Levis (was 42, now 40).  I also want to become a serious athlete and not just a “before” and “after” picture.  I want to reduce the times on at least 2  WODs by at least 25%.

This challenge, I am going to be harder on myself and not rely on coaches “hiding” my weight from me.  I will know my starting weight, my waist, stomach, chest, thigh and ass measurements.  I will also know my starting blood pressure and my weight and loss (gain not an option) at each weigh in.

I will also measure my foods, stay strict paleo/zone and record my intake throughout the entire 12 week process.  I will also help Pete Pittman and he will help keep me accountable.  We will make at least one WOD each week together (travel permitting) and will weigh in and bring our food logs to the WOD whether or not it is a weigh in day.

My daily food intake will be –

Workout days – 18 blocks –  4 | 4 |3 | 4| 3

Non – workout days 16 blocks  4 |3 | 3 | 3 | 3

My workouts will include 4 WODs per week