Tuesday, 4-10-2012


Tuesday, 4-10-2012

Nutrition seminars this week  Wednesday 6:30pm & Saturday 10:00am
We are starting a SKILLZ challenge TODAY which will last the next four weeks.  Pick a skill you want to learn/master and your coaches will hold you accountable to it and track your progress.  Ideas for skills can include advanced gymnastics (muscle ups, HSPU, L-sit, toes to bar, pistols, etc), weightlifting (squat snatch, sotts press, snatch balance), heavy components (add 20# to your back squat, shouldering a heavy stone), monostructural (double unders, running, rowing), mobility (all of the above movements!),and many many more.  These weaknesses are also referred to as “goats” and we must eliminate them to make you a better athlete!  Lets all chose one and crush it over the next four weeks.
Tall Snatch (from toes) 3-3-3
Hang Snatch 3-3-3-1
15min to work on your skill goal!!
Many of you know that I coach a U12 Competitive soccer team through the Denver Kickers.  (This is a photo of some of the players when I coached them at U9).  I am hosting a fundraiser for the team at Alpine this Sunday to help our team attend a Rocky Mountain Soccer Camp in July in Victor, CO.  I would greatly appreciate it if regular Alpine members would like to chip in and attend a fun Sunday workout!!!  Here are the details:

Who:  Kickers U12 boys and all family and friends.  We will also be joined by two Wheat Ridge teams (U12 Girls and U13 Boys) and their family and friends.
What: Fun workout for all ages and ability levels.  Minimum $10 donation per person for the workout.  100% of proceeds will go towards corresponding fundraising team.
When:  Sunday April 15th 5:00-6:00pm
Where:  Alpine CrossFit  12090 West 50th Place 80033

Alpine CrossFit t-shirts will also be available for purchase.  They will cost $20 and $10 of each purchase will be donated to the team.

Hope you can make it!!

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