Tuesday 3-5-2013


Tuesday 3-5-2013


A Dirty 30 Wod for you!
For time:
30 reps of each:
Deadlifts 185/125
Push Press 95/65
Floor Wipers 95/65
Hang Power cleans 95/65
Plyo Lunges
KB Swings 55/35
Box Jumps 24/20
Ball Slams 40/30
Double Unders

13 Responses

  1. Jennifer

    Happy Birthday Robby. Looks like a nice spicy WOD. Looking forward to plowing through it at 5:30am…

  2. Jeremy

    So how heavy of a vest will you be wearing today? 20#? 40#? You can’t just do this normally like the rest of us.

  3. RobbyZ

    Haha you guys are great! Thanks for the notes everyone! And thanks for the crushing bday WOD Trish!! I think everyone really LOVED it today 🙂
    Jeremy I will do it wearing a (negative) 50lb vest 🙂 No actually I was thinking of doing it with a 30lb vest…30 for 30 too. Couldn’t do it today because I was on a semi-rest day to prep for the Open. I might do it either tomorrow or Thursday.