Tuesday, 3-27-2012


Tuesday, 3-27-2012

BBQ this Saturday at Alpine to celebrate the Open.  Everyone is invited!!  Alpine will supply grill, meat, utensils and maybe some adult beverages.  Please bring your own side dish, dessert, and/or beverages to share.  We will start at 3:00pm and go til whenever.  Hope to see you there!
Overhead squat 3-3-2-1
For time:
10 to 1 Front squat 135/95
1 10′ legless rope climb between each set (climb starts from a seated position)
I wanted to share with everyone how I did this past weekend at the NASTAR National event which I have participated in for the past several years.  I didn’t get a chance to tell many of you while coaching yesterday and I apologize. 
This is the event which has been incredibly kind to me.  I have won my age class and the overall award 5 out of 5 times competing.  This race (compliments of Nature Valley, NASTAR, and the US Ski Team) has sent me to Portillo, Chile on two occasions to train with the US Ski Team as an “honorary member” for a week during their Fall training camp. These were once in a lifetime experiences!  (Check our late September archives for blog posts which I wrote while I was there…there are also videos on our YouTube page).  I’ve been incredibly honored to have these opportunities so I went into this competition with the plan to sponsor an up-and-coming USST-caliber racer with the Chile trip if I was lucky enough to win it again.  I’ve had my fun and now its someone else’s turn….some one good!
Little did I know that there was an athlete of this stature already eying the trip.  Enter Charles Christiansen.
Charles is a stud.  One of America’s ski racing elite.  He’s had a break-out season and competed in 4 World Cups this season (the World Cup is the highest level…equivalent to Olympic caliber).  He even finished 31st in one of his starts this season. Legit!!
He also knows how to read and write and did a nice post on the NASTAR event and even mentioned the ski racing article I was interviewed for about my Chile trip.  Check out his blog here: www.CharlesChristianson.com
Needless to say, I came in 2nd behind Charles during the qualifying days (day 1 and 2) and thus failed to make the finals (day 3).  I needed to win the finals to receive the Chile trip again.  I was super happy with my skiing over the weekend – I was just ridiculously out-matched.  I was psyched to be only 0.50sec out from one of the world’s best though!
On Sunday I watched some of the finals but left early to get back to Denver to get settled for the week and of course hit WOD 12.5 again (duh).  I didn’t get a chance to see Charles before I left but I obviously knew he had 1st wrapped up and was going to get the USST trip to Chile and further helping his chances of solidifying his spot on the Team.
But, shit, I spoke too soon.  In the hot afternoon soft snow, Charles hit a nasty hole in the course and tore his ACL, meniscus and fractured his tibia and obviously did not finish the race.  S-H-I-T-T-Y.  I was absolutely sick to my stomach when my parents called me later to tell me this.  After an incredible season this had to happen and I can’t express how bummed I am for him.  He will rehab and come back 100%+ and be stronger next season. 
Wish you the best in your recovery Charles and it was great racing with you at the event!
-Robby Z
Here are the RESULTS from this weekend

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  1. Luis

    Well at least this time u won’t come back with scarlet fever or what ever third world country bug u caught last time!