Tuesday, 10-4-2011


Tuesday, 10-4-2011

Day 30!!! of Burpee Challenge.

For Reps:
2min: KB swings 55/35
rest 1 min
2min: Dips
rest 1 min
2min GHD situps
rest 1 min
2min HSPUs
rest 1 min
2 min DB Lunges 35s/25s
Interested in competing??? MBS CrossFit is hosting the second annual Turkey Challenge November 19th.  There are both RXd and Scaled options! Go here and register.  Spots will fill up fast!! So far we have Robby, Sharla & Heather… who else????
Paul’s expression is awesome.. What were you thinking Paul??
From CrossFit Ethos:
Are you working on your weaknesses? When it comes to skill based movements its all about practice. Don’t get frustrated with slow progress but rather work harder on the progressions. Things such as Muscle-ups, HSPU, Double Unders are perfect examples of movements that take alot of work. Ask your coaches for help, tips to get you better. We as coaches are here for you and if you come and ask for the help we would love to give it to you. Do not be afraid to ask, that is why we are here.  10 minutes everyday, before or after class will make a world of difference and just might get you over the hump. There’s no excuse if your not trying to get better. You cannot expect different results if you are doing the same thing over and over. So what do you need to work on most? What are you doing to get better at it?

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  1. RobbyZ

    Mike-y: “We’re down by 2 runs”
    Paul: “Yeah but I bet I can take their 3rd Baseman in a head-to-head Fran-off”