Tuesday, 1-31-2012


Tuesday, 1-31-2012

3 RFT:
16 Ring Dips
20 GHD sit-ups
24 Wall balls 20/14
28 KB “WICKED” Snatches!  55/35

Birthday girl in her favorite WOD shirt!


Heather has been battling back from a horrible tib/fib fracture which occurred in November.  She has been working hard at her rehab and has been modifying her WODs to continue improving her fitness…even on one leg.  Its paying off as she is quickly nearing 100%.  Heather is proof that you can’t let a “little” bump in the road keep you from getting after it.  Don’t let a silly excuse keep you from coming into Alpine.  Stay dedicated, focused, and consistent and you will continue to succeed!

With that said….

Today is our final day of our Whole 30 Paleo challenge.  Congratulations to you all who have committed to this potentially life changing experience! We have had an incredible support group on our Facebook page. Here is what Laura had to say yesterday:

I have stopped saying “I can’t” as in, “I can’t eat that ….”

What I say, and mean, is: “I don’t”.

“I don’t eat that” gives me power 🙂
I am in control of what I put into my body. I have made a conscious choice and I decide every second what I want. I am not passive, or swept away by emotion or helpless under duress or temptation.

I am in control. I like that; a lot.

Thanks Laura 🙂

Whats next…..

Many of you are probably frothing at the mouth and preparing your crazy amounts of crap food to eat tonight when the clock strikes midnight.  If you choose to, that’s cool and your decision.  It is also your decision to spend the entire next morning in GI discomfort and making friends with the porcelain.  Just sayin.  I can give you a big shpeel about “how you’ve come so far” and “look at the progress you’ve made” but I’m not going to.  Its ultimately your decision.

We have had a lot of success this month and people are generally feeling even more awesome than normal.  Here are a few people off the top of my head who I know are doing another 30 days:  Rachel, Seabass, Lori G, Trish, Rosa, Scott, Rob-o.  We know there are many more and now is your time to commit to another 30 days YA HEARD!?!  Post to comments if you’re in and lets get after another 30 days of uber clean awesomeness.  HOLLA!!!

(P.S. Besides having some paleo-ritas during the superbowl with the dudes and sushi on Lily’s birthday I will be strict for the next 30 days) -RZ

6 Responses

  1. Heather

    the first thing both Adam and I said when we saw this picture was “oh my gosh, look how dirty our window is!” Hahaha! That’s the one the dogs rub their noses all over! Awesome WOD for my birthday- thanks!

  2. Gwen

    Love the picture Heather!!! I am in for another 30 days…well, I am going to just keep rolling with it; no time limit. Maybe I’ll get 60 or 90…we will see!

  3. Paul

    I’m giving it a longer look, I really, really, really want to eat bad food just to remind myself why i have done this to myself. On the good side I have lost 14lbs this month alone, I am kinda concerned that I have lost too much for one month but I can’t turn back now.

    1. RZ

      Wow congrats Paul! Thats around 3-4lbs/week and that’s nothing to be worried about for a guy your size. It will taper off for sure next month as you will start to gain more lean mass.