Tuesday, 1-3-2011


Tuesday, 1-3-2011

Day 2 of WHOLE 30
Behind the neck Push Jerk 5×5
Accessory work:
– Accumulate 60sec of chest-to-bar hold with overhand grip
– Banded KB swings
– Lateral MB throws

Scott and some of the crew at Barbells for Boobs last Fall

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some great people in my life and Mr. Scott Bergeron is right up there.  The man has accomplished a lot with us and is a very inspirational person.  Here is some encouraging words he had to share with everyone who is starting the WHOLE 30 (it was posted on the Facebook page):
 An open letter to the Alpine CrossFit / Paleo gang,
I had a lot of help getting me through my stuggles with my weight/health, so I thought I’d pay it forward for those who might want some as well.  Here’s a few (Okay a bunch of) words of advice about making your next 30 days a great experience;
Please don’t assume you have to change your lifestyle and turn into “paleo chef, or that the “paleo police” are watching your every move.  They aren’t, and you don’t need to be!
 … I hate cooking.  Always have, probably always will.  And I used to hate food shopping.  That part has changed, mainly because I get to choose the proper foods and not have them chosen for me.
 Virtually all my friends (except you guys, of course) are non-paleo, non workout, and middle aged.  Some are in OK shape, some are not.  They’ve watched my changes over the last year and still try to convince me that what I’m doing is just “way too hard for them” and that “I must be crazy”.
If that’s their perception, then unfortunately, that’s their reality.  They are all still very good friends/family and I plan on keeping them, not alienating them.  My goal for them is to become a role model and maybe someday, if they want to change, they’ll make the changes.
So here’s my words of advice about staying paleo/active in CrossFit and all the good things that go with it; more strength, energy, less weight, and a better attitude towards virtually everything in life.
1.  Never run out of your paleo food; not at work, not at home, not on the road.  It might not be as easy or cheap as a McDouble cheeseburger, but it is very possible – STAY CONSISTENT
2.  Eat smaller meals every few hours RELIGIOUSLY – STAY CONSISTENT.  My paleo meals are zone diet sized with the proper mix of proteins / carbs / good fats.
3. Don’t change your lifestyle/friends for your food; just change your food!  Start this 30 day routine like you’ve always eaten this way and let your friends/family/S.O.s do what they’ve always done.  Treat it like it is no big deal and no sacrifice, because it isn’t.  It’s just slightly different.
This is your deal, for your own purposes, and not anyone elses.  Nobody will ever force you to put “non-paleo” food or drinks in your “pie-hole”.  That is totally your choice.
 There is a quote that I saw on a CrossFit site recently that said it best;  “What you eat in private, shows in public”.
 I hope this helps make your next 30 days the best. If anyone has any questions, or needs any help, I’m here to help!  [email protected]  – Scott Bergeron
Scott is the owner of DailyGamePlan.com

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