Tuesday, 1-13-2015


Tuesday, 1-13-2015

Alright it only took me 7 days of programming but here is a quick run down of the current template:
DURATION: Each cycle = 4 weeks long which will be a variation of the Wendler 5-3-1 (a very popular linear strength progression).
STRENGTH:  As you have noticed already we will have multiple barbell lifts programmed (one per day) but only three sets each (low volume).  Sets of 5, then sets of 3, then doubles, then heavy singles, then an “off” week and repeat the cycle into the start of the CrossFit Open (more on this later). Squats on Mondays and Saturdays, Presses  & Overhead on Tuesdays, Cleans on Wednesdays, Floor Press/Deadlift on Thursdays, and Snatches on Fridays.  The “constantly varied and unknown and unknowable” principles are great for conditioning; however, an effective strength program must be structured.
CONDITIONING: (Ahem) As you may have ALSO noticed, the conditioning is getting a little longer, higher repetition, and involve more SQUATTING variations.  Enjoy =) and see “advice” below.
EXTRA CREDIT: Some days will have EC posted.  This can be performed on ANY day of the week if you would like additional skill work.
ADVICE: Because this template has a little more volume, you may want to alternate your rest days.  In other words, if you have consistently trained 5-6 days per week, you may want to take an extra rest day. Oh, and if you plan to go Rx division in the CrossFit Open, then now is your time to fine tune your training and up your volume.
PROPS: Oh yeah, we did a little out-sourcing for this – props and many thanks to DAMIEN as he has designed this template for all you ACF-ers!

Workout of the Day
Push Press 3-3-3


For Time:
Thrusters 115/80
Box Jump 24″/20″

*Rx+ Option: 135/95

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.