Training Cycle Three (of Four): Oct 14th-Mid Jan


Training Cycle Three (of Four): Oct 14th-Mid Jan

Check out the details of our new Programming Cycle!

We’re constantly working hard to bring you all programming that helps you develop your different skills and aerobic capacities at the right times to peak your performance for The Open. Watch or read about the current cycle here:

We had a lot of questions about our new upcoming training cycle we just started this week after last week’s assessment week, so I figured I’d answer a few of them via here. This cycle’s going October 16th to January 6th. 12 week cycle. It should bring us right up to the perfect time to start prepping for the Open format. The Open is usually mid to late February so that would give us about a month and a half, six weeks or so, to get into the Open style, give you guys a little bit of a backoff, but also ramp up that intensity towards Open style workouts.

This cycle. We had a big shift. Our last few cycles have had way more strength bias, building that strength platform and technique platform for full snatch and full clean. In this cycle, we’re actually flipping it to the opposite side of the platform. We’re practicing a lot more gymnastics volume and strength, so people will not only be doing a lot of body weight strength and volume accumulation, but you’re also going to be knowing your minimums and maximums. If you can do 20 unbroken kipping pull-ups that’s fantastic, but if you can only do 20 and then drop down to twos, that’s not going to help you too much building in the Open. We’re trying to raise not only your maximums for max sets, but we’re also trying to raise that bare minimum, that weight that you can get away with hitting for 3 to 5 reps or 5 to 10 reps, however you need to, depending on the type of gymnastics.

That’s one of our main priorities with this current cycle. We also want to build in the complexity of it. We are going to be doing more muscle-up transition technique on the rings, as well as bar muscle-ups, because they’ve shown up in the Open as well. We might even get into some pistol progressions a little bit later into the season.

Then, knowing your scales will be critical.Scales are going to be one of the biggest factors for this particular cycle. A lot of people found out this week that when I say, “Six to eight reps unbroken,” it doesn’t mean two sets of four, it doesn’t mean three, three, and two. It means that you need to hit a certain scale. If you can’t hit that scale, you need to back off and know how to progressively overload that particular movement. This cycle is going to make people very familiar with knowing, but also being comfortable, with scaling when the time calls for it.

Our other big emphasis point and programming point for this cycle is aerobic capacity and variance. You guys are doing a lot of power workouts, a lot of mixed modal stuff, a lot of shorter duration workouts. We’re going to flip that on its head again and we’re going to be going for more short, mid, and long range aerobic capacity. That can look like rowing repeats. That can look like running repeats. That can look like certain timeframes or certain effort ranges in a time frame to give you guys that feeling of riding a line of going almost anaerobic, or redlining, but we’re not actually going to get there. We’re going to try not to. The main reason is because if we can build your aerobic capacity and your familiarity within these ranges. You will be able to look at a workout, understand its many modalities, and assess what you know your pace and your heart rate can be. We want to make you more familiar with this threshold without beating you up.

A new component that’s going to be coming up for scores, is going to be an RX time framed consistency. What we’ll do is, we’ll designate certain timeframe consistencies, like a pace of a 5K row, or a 1K row, or a 1 mile run, and you only get to count those runs RX if you stay within that timeframe consistency. The reason we’re doing that is because a lot of people think that high intensity effort should be deemed RX, whereas I think for this cycle in particular; RX should be whoever’s training the smartest and hitting the numbers that we want you to hit for progress down the road. Not so you can just make yourself do a blackout workout every day.

Last component. I know, and a lot of people aren’t necessarily happy about this, but it’s more about strength maintenance. That’s not to say that we’re not going to be pushing the strength elements of this. They’re just not going to be as emphasized. We have one lower body maintenance strength day of the week. We have one upper body strength maintenance day of the week.

Then, we do have our gymnastic strength, stuff like that. What I’m hoping is that with the familiarity in these new aerobic capacities you guys won’t be as beat up. With the gymnastics volume and strength you’re going to learn how to use your core, your midline a lot fore effectively. With the strength maintenance stuff you won’t be unfamiliar with the weights that you’ve been hitting and down the road when we start bumping that intensity up towards the Open, you guys will be hitting consistent high percentages and high intensity of the PRs that you’ve set in the last few months. Could you progress and set new one rep, two rep, three rep PRs? Absolutely. It just depends on how you respond to it, but that’s just not our main focus at this point.

Other than that, I hope that answers any questions you guys might have had. If you have other ones, feel free to email me [email protected] Have fun.