Thursday, September 6th:CrossfIt


Thursday, September 6th:CrossfIt

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What is the world’s biggest Island???


Warm-up (No Measure)

20/15 cal AB


3 rounds :

-6 Bottoms up KB lunges each arm.

-3 strict pull ups(scale is jumping pull up with 3 sec eccentric.)

– 5 Box Dips(scale is feet on ground for assistance.)

Gymnastics Skill Work


2 sets of:

– Kipping Back Slide x 15 reps (

– Muscle-Up Bar Pulls x 10 reps (

4 sets of:

– Air chair swing x 1.1 (

– Arch Under Bar to Support (make it tough) x 6 (

Core Work >Skill

For those wanting to strengthen their core over working this skill
2 sets:

-30 total hand plank shoulder taps

-30 Russian twists

4 sets:

-20 sec right side plank

-10 v-ups

-20 sec left side plank

-10 sec l-sit hold from bar


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

Today is about gaining more volume with gymnastic movements and building your upper body strength. The periods signify a planned break. So, for the 6.4.2 Kipping Pull-Ups, you are to do 6, take a 5-10s break, get back up to do the 4 and so on.
3 Sets:

A1) 6.4.2 Kipping Pull-Ups

Rest 15s

A2) 20s Top of Dip

Rest 60s

3 Sets:

B1) 5.4.3 Ring Dips

Rest 15s

B2) 6 DB Bent-Over Row + 10s Hold at Top of Final Repetitions

Rest 60s

RX+: CTB Pull ups and 1s Pause at the top and bottom of each dip.

Scale: Banded Pull ups and Dips.

Score= Successful Number of Completed Rounds (Top Score= 6)

Cool Down

Lat & Back Roll Out x 60-90s

Pec Minor Tack & Floss (LAX Ball) x 60-90s

Banded Bow & Arrow Stretch x 60s ea. Arm