Thursday, October 4th: CrossFIt


Thursday, October 4th: CrossFIt

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Trivia Time: When did the Cold War end?


Part 1: 15 Burpee’s to Target (Out of Reach Bar; Coaches Command! Athletes will hit hit positions based on coaches call out. 1= Hands on Ground, 2= Push Up Position, 3= Bottom Push-Up position, 4= Push-Up Position, 5= Feet back to hands, 6= Finish Burpee)

Part 2:

2 Rounds:

1) Banded Lateral Walk x 5 + 5 High Pull x 3 ea. Side

2) Box Step-Overs x 10 (5 ea. Leg; Facing the Box on Step Up & Step Down)

3) Jump-Switch Lunges x 10


Trivia Time: When did the Cold War end? 1989

In-Balance Strength

Structural Strength/Balance Series:

3 sets:

A1) Banded Pull-Through x 10-15 (Slow Eccentric)

A2) Weighted Hollow Body Rocks x 20s

A3) Wall Sit w/ MB between Legs x 45s

Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)

5 sets:

2 min AMRAP:

-18/15 Calorie Row

Remainder of time AMRAP box jump Overs w/step down(24/20″)

**rest 1 minute between rounds. **

Cool Down

LAX/Roller on Calves x 30-60s ea.

Tall Banded Lunge x 60s ea. Leg

Banded Hamstring Floss x 60s ea. Leg + Cobra x 60s-2:00