Thursday, March 14th: CrossFit


Thursday, March 14th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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The Open is tomorrow, so come in and get moving today! For those of you who would like to pay tribute to Sarah DeVito, the 6:30am class will be honoring her with the “DeVito Strong” WOD.

Otherwise, today’s flow session will help get the blood flowing so you’re ready for tomorrow, while allowing enough time at the end of class to banter and mobilize


General: “Power 10” 10:00 AMRAP

(Perform a 10s sprint on either AB or Rower between Pairs of Movements)

-5 Scorpion ea. Side + 5 Iron Cross ea. Side

– Overhead Pallof Press x 15 + 10 Pallof Press ea. Side

– Internal/External Rotation at Neutral x 10 ea. (Each Arm)

– Reverse Lunge w/ Rotation x 10 + 15s Star Plank ea. Side

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

10 Sets with a Partner for Max Cals:

-50s Cal Row

-50s Cal AB.

**Each Partner will do 10 sets on both machines**

**One person will be on the rower while the other person is on the AB. So both working at the same time.**
Performance is the same.

Cool Down

10-15:00 DEEP Stretching:

Spend a solid 60-120s in each stretch & breath! Take your time after the workout and get as mobile as you can prior to 19.4 announcement!