Thursday, June 14th: CrossFit


Thursday, June 14th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Who’s in for another movie night at Alpine? Votes are being counted up for June 22nd. Showtime is at 7:00pm and we are either watching Jumanji (2017), Waynes World, or Jurrasic Park! Cast your votes!


Partner Indoor Relay (Static/Dynamic) (No Measure)

100′ ea. Movement (Partner Holds Static Position)

Lunges Forward & Backward (Partner=Squat Hold)

Inch-Worm + Bear Crawl (Partner Hold Bridge Position)

Over & Unders (Partner Holds Side Plank ea. Side)

High Knee’s (Partner Holds Downward Dog)

Butt Kicks (Partner Holds Cobra)

Part 2: EMOM x 4:00

3 Hard Pulls on Rower

-Light Row/Rest in Remaining Time


Compare to Apr. 12th, 2018 Score

30/30 Row (4 Rounds for distance)

30s On/ 30s Off x 4 Sets on the Rower

Males Damper: 4-5

Females Damper: 3-4

Strength (not for time)

A1: Sandbag/Stone Hug Squats (10-10-10)

3030 Tempo; Constant TuT

At the 10th Repetitions, walk 50′ with Sandbag

Rest 60s

A2: Mountain Climbers (20-20-20s)

Holding a Plank Position, alternate driving your keen up and outside of the shoulder. Then return and alternate between legs maintaining a solid midline position.
Rx= Feet in Rings

Scale= Floor Mountain Climbers

Rest 60s

A3: Kneeling Banded Hip Thrust (10-10-10)
Rest 60s

Cool Down

Extra Gains

30-45:00 Designated Mobility Session

Metcon (No Measure)

Cool-Down Series:

Foam Roll/LAX Hips & Gluteals x 30-60s ea. Side

Banded Lunge (Knee on Ground) x 60s ea. Leg + 45-60s Pigeon Stretch ea. Leg

Acc. 90s Wall-Sit w/ MB between Knees