Thursday, January 25th: CrossFit


Thursday, January 25th: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit


HOWL AT THE MOON is this Saturday evening! Good times, drink specials, Free Cover, and live music! Doesn’t get much better than that. 7-11pm let them know you’re with Coach Nate and you will receive free cover, a $1 drink ticket, and be part of the specials. Seats fill up as the night goes on so try to get there early so we can all hang out together!


Full Body Warm-up D (No Measure)

8 Minute AMRAP

After two movements, complete a “Power 10” on the Assualt Bike (Sprint 10 secs)

– 15 Air Squats and 15 Push-Ups

– 3 Wall Climbs and 10 Star Jumps

– 5 Scorpions per side (on back) and 5 Scorpions per side (on stomach)

– 20 Steps Walking Lunge w Stretch (10/side) and 5 Burpees


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Alt. EMOM x 15 Minutes:

1- 30s ME Double Unders

2- 12 Alt. Single Toe to Bar

3- Handstand Push-Up x 30s ME (Kipping/variations allowed)

Rx= As Designated.

Masters Rx (50+)= Sub Ring Push-Ups for HSPU


– 30s DU Practice

– Hanging Alternating Leg Raises x 12-16 (Focus on getting legs up!)

-HSPU: If you have handstand push-ups, try to push yourself here for volume at the Open standard (flat on the ground. If not, you may elevated your position with 1 plate & 1 abmat, thats it! If you need more scaling, substitute 1 x Wall-Walk + 3-5 HSPU piked off of the floor or a box.

Strength (not for time)

A1: Single Arm Overhead Lunge (16-16-16)

Weight in an extended & overhead position while taking lunge steps.
8 ea. Arm

A2: Landmine Anti-Rotation (8-8-8)

Just like Landmine Floor to OH Rotation, but stopping at the hip and avoiding trunk rotation.
4 ea. Side; Slow and Controlled

-Rest 60s after ea. Set

Cool Down

Metcon (No Measure)

Cool-Down Series:

LAX Ball on Upper Trap & Deltoid x 30s

Active Supinated Hang Position x 30-60s (Can be broken up)

Light Stretching x 3-5:00 (Athlete choice)

Extra Gains

A1: Briefcase Carry (Single Arm Farmers) (100-100-100-100-100′ ea. Arm )

A2: 45 Second Sorrenson Hold (45s-45s-45s-45s-45s)

Set up on the GHD similar to the Hip Extension. Athletes will hold their position (chest parallel to the floor) for 45 seconds. Plate hugs will make this more challenging.