Thursday, February 21st: CrossFit


Thursday, February 21st: CrossFit

Alpine CrossFit – CrossFit

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Tonight’s the Night! Open WOD 19.1 will be announced and we will be doing it in ALL of the class WODs tomorrow!


General: “Power 5” Warm-Up (Perform a 5s Sprint on AB b/w Movement Pairs)

Pair 1: Scorpion x 5 ea. Side +5 Iron Cross ea. Side

Pair 2: 5 Inch-Worms w/ Turn-Out + 10 Skater Squats

Pair 3: 6 Bird-Dogs ea. Side + 15s Active Hang

Metcon (Calories)

28 min PAMRAP:

-AB cals

**Switch Every 30/25 Cals**

** When you get off bike you must do 30s Hollow Body Hold + 30s Sorrenson Hold or Glute Bridge Hold w/ Medball between legs(10/6) before able to get back on the bike.**
Performance: Alt. x 28:00 E2MOM w/ Partner:

1) 1:30 Assault Bike at Moderate Pace

2) 30s Glute Bridge Hold + 30s Plank in the 2:00 Window

Cool Down

-60s Banded Hamstring Floss, each leg

-60s Quad Foam Roll, each leg

-120s Cobra Stretch