Friday, 9-9-2011


Friday, 9-9-2011

Somehow yesterday’s post was deleted…not sure how that happened but sorry everyone!
Burpee Challenge day 5
In teams of 4, complete AMRAP 15min of:
200m Row
Muscle ups
Power snatch  135/95
Wall ball shots 30/20  10’/9′
*This is a “Pace Horse” team WOD.  All team members start at 3-2-1-GO and work for 15 minutes.  The person on the rower is setting the pace for everyone else to work at each station.  Everyone rotates through each station upon the completion of the 200m row. 
*For example, Fred completes the 200m.  Fred then dismounts the rower and tags Helga who is on muscle-ups.  Fred starts his muscle-ups at the number where Helga finished.  Then Helga runs and tags Jim Bob who is on power snatch.  Helga starts her power snatches at the number where Jim Bob finished….etc etc
*This is scored by a running/cumulative count at each station.

More stunnas have arrived due to the crazy huge demand from everyone.

Don’t forget to sign up for this Sunday’s events to pay your respects to those who have fallen for our country: 9/11 Stair Climb at Red Rocks and 31 Heros WOD at CrossFit LoDo.  See Tuesday’s post for more info.  We currently have several Alpiners signed up for both events.  Talk to Trish, JC, or Robby for details.

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