Thursday 9-1-2011


Thursday 9-1-2011

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Find your 1Rep Max!!

Robby getting his squat to depth during the Colorado Open

There is a formula for a good strength and conditioning program. Technique first, then consistency, and then crank up the intensity. Sometimes you need to turn down the intensity just a tiny bit and concentrate a bit more on full range of motion. The payoff in the long run will be huge. Range of motion is crucial in CrossFit. Who cares about your time if your doing half the workload of the guy/girl next to you. Listen to your coaches when we tell you a rep didn’t count because your hip crease was not below parallel, your chin wasn’t above the bar, your chest didn’t hit the floor or your head didn’t touch the abmat.  Take a moment, take a breath, and work the full ROM. Repeat that rep.  Scale if needed. It doesn’t make you any less of a badass. Train smarter. Get stronger.

Written by Becca Borawski:
Believe me when I tell you, “You can do it.”

In that moment when you don’t just think, but know you cannot, choose instead to believe me when I tell you, you can.

I would never lie to you. I would never set you up for failure. Your success is why I do this. It is what makes the day worthwhile. I don’t go home and think, I am so great at what I do. I go home and think, you are so great at being you.

Inhale and listen to me. Relax your grip on the barbell for a moment and hear my words. I know your upset is not what it appears to be. You are not mad at the weights. You are not mad at me. You are mad at yourself for whatever inadequacy you have inaccurately labeled yourself with today. I know you want this and the only thing in the way is you.

Listen to me, and as you deeply inhale take my words with the air. Let them inside you. Let them be you.

You can do it.